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Where To Buy Pantyhose

Hanes is as iconic for its socks and T-shirts as it is hosiery. When stocking up on affordable sheer, opaque, and printed tights for winter, the label is choice for everything from shaping pantyhose to control-top stockings.

where to buy pantyhose

These are the nicest pantyhose I've ever had the privilege to wear. I'm getting several wears out of each pair. I have always enjoyed the feel of these ultra sheer nylons. I feel sorry for my friends who won't wear hose because they're missing out on the Berkshire experience. Life is too short to go bare legged. I love these.

Peavey Tights offer a great look and with their sheer to waist design like the Peavey high gloss fashion tights, which is perfect for miniskirts. Peavey hosiery also offers footless pantyhose which offer you the same great look and feel without binding your toes and without that embarrassing foot perspiration. Peavey premium quality footless pantyhose are great for tennis shoes or skates. From Peavey pantyhose to Peavey tights, Peavey Hosiery is the top choice for premium quality pantyhose, tights, footless tights and all hosiery products. Consult the Peavey Pantyhose size chart to find the right fit for you.

Tamara Hosiery offers durable Tamara pantyhose with styles like Tamara Footless Pantyhose which are perfect for cheerleaders and sports bar waitresses, and Tamara tights like Tamara Casino Wear Tights. Tamara tights will give you legs that look like sports bar waitresses with durable Tamara premium quality pantyhose that enhance the beauty of your legs. Tamara Hosiery enables you to purchase durable showgirl quality hosiery like fishnet pantyhose and tights for your active lifestyle. Have a look at the Tamara sizing chart to find the perfect fit for you.

Tamara Hosiery and Active Wear are premium quality pantyhose which feature flattering support and matte appearance. Hot Legs USA Hosiery features Tamara High Gloss Microfiber Tights, worn by Cocktail Waitresses, flight attendant, nurses, and professional/executive women who prefer high gloss opaque looking tights with added strength and durability.

More and more men are wearing pantyhose every year. The practice has gotten so popular that several companies produce lines of specialized men's pantyhose. If you'd like to try out wearing pantyhose, finding the right pair is easy. Use a sizing chart and find the right size for your pantyhose. Then find a website that specializes in men's pantyhose and order your pair. If you prefer wearing women's pantyhose, you can find them on any retail site that sells women's clothing.

I've tried them all, and these are the superior pair of legwear! So soft and last me so many wears (nearly three months of wearing them for 12+ hours a day as a flight attendant)! The only type of pantyhose I'll buy and recommend. Try themmmm! Also made in the US which is rare for a pantyhose brand.

Nubian Skin's hosiery collection is available in four brown nude shades to perfectly match your skin tone. Our high-quality tights and pantyhose are made in Europe. Whether you're looking for brown tights, brown pantyhose, or Shapewear tights. With sizes ranging from S to 3XL, petite to plus size.

Black-owned underwear brand for women of colour. Our hosiery range is designed to provide all-day comfort, support, and a smooth silhouette. Perfect for everyday use, our hosiery is breathable and lightweight. The perfect solution to skin tone tights for brown skin. Black-owned hosiery brand, ethically produced for women of colour. Shop our nude pantyhose for black women.

So why is it important to find sustainable options for tights, leggings, stocking and pantyhose? Well, once upon a time these were made from silk (and thus a very sustainable option) and wool, but the advent of cheap alternative nylon has enabled clothing manufacturers to sell a cheap throw away product. Those poor quality nylon stockings/panty-hose/leggings/tights cannot break down in nature. The environmental impacts of nylon are significant. So it is best to replace your nylons with sustainable alternatives like wool, organic cotton and recycled nylon.

*denotes and affiliate link. I will receive a small commission if you choose to purchase via the link. This helps to support this blog. Only ethical and sustainable brands are included anywhere in this blog.

Swedish Stockings make sustainable hosiery and is the best place to go for sheer pantyhose and patterned fishnet stockings. The founders mission is to bring back the luxury that used to be associated with high quality hosiery. They make knee high, control top and patterned hosiery that are ideal for the office environment or with your favourite party dress. The brand is a pioneer in using recycled nylon and sustainable processes, including the use of solar power and purification of industrial water so it is safely released into agricultural lands. The stockings are ethically produced in Italy.

UK-based sustainable fashion brand Thought* produces a range of lovely tights suitable for colder winter climes. They stock a range of colours, and also polka dot tights, all with full toe to waist coverage (some others may refer to these as stockings, depending upon where you live in the world). Unfortunately the tights are made from bamboo viscose and recycled polyester, which as some eco-credentials but is not ideal. I personally prefer to avoid bamboo viscose. However, as I have not found an equivalent product in a more sustainable fabric, I would consider these tights as the most sustainable option I can find. has become one of the worlds largest retailer of fine European pantyhose, stockings and fashion hosiery with 99% of all items in stock ready to be shipped to customers all around the globe.

All Things Worn came about as we wanted to create a platform to allow the sale of well-worn and used items for ourselves. Whilst building the platform, we decided we wanted to be more than just a single seller marketplace, we wanted to create a community! A place where people can engage and interact with like-minded people.

My wife asked me to get these for her as she is currently in a country where she can not get them. They arrived quickly, fit her perfectly and give her the support she needs relieving her of the pain she has in her legs from varicose veins.

L'eggs is a brand of pantyhose, introduced in 1969 by Hanes, which radically changed the hosiery marketplace. The novel developments were the egg-shaped plastic product container, the shift to consignment sales in drug stores and groceries, and the in-store product racks designed to emphasize the egg shape. The brand logo hinted at a pair of chicks or eggs in the lettering.[1]

L'eggs was an immediate success, knocking out many competitors and becoming a tremendous profit stream for Hanes.[2] Customers liked the egg-style packaging and the convenience of buying pantyhose closer to home during their usual errands. Celebrity endorsements helped to keep the brand in the forefront. The plastic egg packaging was used for home handicrafts and as a toy for children. The success of the product line continued through the 1970s and 1980s, with L'eggs standing as the largest pantyhose brand in the US.[3] In the 1990s, office workers increasingly adopted casual dress styles, and many women in the workplace stopped wearing pantyhose. L'eggs downsized in the mid-1990s even as they retained a large share of the reduced marketplace. They also exchanged their plastic egg for a more environmentally friendly cardboard cylinder and dome.[4]

L'eggs was the brainchild of Hanes executive Robert Elberson, who put together a secret project in the basement at the Hanes factory in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Elberson's vision was that women should be able to buy pantyhose more conveniently at supermarkets and drug stores rather than at women's clothing boutiques or department stores. All pantyhose at the time was sold in the form of a clear plastic envelope containing the hosiery wrapped around a cardboard insert. The project team was tasked with finding a new packaging design that would appeal to women as an impulse purchase.[5][6] Roger Ferriter of the creative agency Dancer Fitzgerald Sample invented the egg packaging: the hosiery was to be sold inside plastic, egg-shaped containers.[2] Fred Howard created the product sales racks which were vertically oriented white plastic oversized eggs, "exploded" in the middle to contain circular racks.[5]

The price of L'eggs was set slightly higher than competing brands, because of the greater convenience of location. The freestanding displays occupied only about 2 feet of circular floor space (0.6 meters in diameter), and held 288 plastic eggs of different colors and styles. The customer could rotate any one of the eight circular shelves to browse the selection. A dual display was available for high-traffic stores, holding 576 packages of pantyhose. The display was eye-catching and immediately recognizable.[13] Also memorable to customers was the L'eggs logo lettering which suggested baby chicks and egg shapes in the pair of "g" letters. The egg theme of the product package and the in-store presentation reinforced the feminine message.[1]

The product's slogan, "Our L'eggs fit your legs", appeared in print and TV ads. Famous figures were hired to promote the brand, including ice skater Peggy Fleming, dancer Juliet Prowse,[5] actress Joyce DeWitt, singer Debby Boone and actress Barbara Eden.[18] In 1979, a new slogan was revealed: "Nothing beats a great pair of L'eggs."[19][20] Actress Jamie Lee Curtis signed an endorsement deal with L'eggs in 1996 and immediately insured her own legs for $1 million with Lloyd's of London.[21] Singer Tina Turner represented Hanes' premium line of pantyhose at the same time that Curtis was spokesperson for L'eggs.[22] 041b061a72


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