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Ladder Game LINE , !(Android)

  • Line War will continue to evolve after the initial launch. The game already has a high replayability value with a great variety of team and 1v1 matches but the release price reflects that we have plenty of things still in store for Line War. Here is a glimpse at our roadmap which will be actively updated on the official website going forward:The Aircraft Carrier - Release 36 - Q1 2023A floating airbase with a capacity of 2 small aircraft (Helicopter, Interceptor, Striker). The developers have been looking forward to adding this unit ever since the release of Alpha 13 - Top Gun back in June 2020. Health 320 HP

  • Speed 0.70

  • Production cost 96

  • Energy consumption 8 / min

  • Basic AI - Release 37 - Q1 2023Line War is a multiplayer game but we have listened to the feedback and we intend to create a basic AI to practice against before you head out into online battle.Technologies - Release 38 - Q1 2023We hope that by introducing many distinct technologies to the game, players will be able to customize their armies in-game. We already see players that follow a very clear doctrine and unit composition from one match to another, almost as if the player was playing another "faction". Imagine for such players to be able to focus research on these units to give that doctrine/playing style an even greater bonus.Here's an excerpt from among 25 30 planned technologies:SUBMARINE CARGO-HOLD - Room for 1 Infantry or 1 Commando. Enables stealthy infiltration of territory.

  • TOMAHAWK MISSILE - Range 8 missile fired from the Cruiser dealing high impact damage but at long intervals (attrition).

  • INFANTRY FIGHTING VEHICLE - Turns the Tank into an IFV with a cargo-hold of 1 Infantry or 1 Commando.

  • TOWING OF ARTILLERY - Makes it possible for Tanks to tow Artillery. Could be used for retreats or surprise deployments in unsuspected locations.

  • ENGINEERING TEAM - Makes Infantry dig entrenchments 50% faster, with potential for units of other types to jump into, once finished.

  • FASTER CONSTRUCTION - Makes building of all Structures 50% faster. For quick establishment of proxy bases, given that sufficient funds have been saved beforehand.

  • E-sports & Season Finals - ContinuousLine War was created with e-sports in mind from day one. We know from experience that matches can be very interesting to watch from an observer's perspective. The average duration of a match is approximately 35 min. A global leaderboard based on quarterly seasons is already up-n-running. We want each season to end with live-streamed finals, proposedly in a round-of-32/double-elimination format. We are hooking up with commentators and collaborators.We also intend to find a gaming arena partner, such as SPACE (Stockholm). Here, global finals could be held on a yearly basis.Planned Features - Q2 2023 Q4 2023The game has yet to see its fullest potential! Many more features have been planned all along and most of them can be found in the original Game Design Document. Take a look at this:ADVANCED WORLD ECONOMICS - A slightly more complex, 4X-like world economy with dynamic trade routes, growing cities, and new resources. Less emphasis on pre-defined locations.

  • ORBITAL WARFARE - Rocket gets accompanied by Satellites, Suncatchers, and Orbital Killers, produced at the familiar Launchpad.

  • WORLD IMPROVEMENTS - Seamless west/east cylindrical worlds, voting, favorites, metadata, visual hints.

  • VICTORY CONDITIONS - Based on 80% territory ownership. Players get notified when any player is close to a territorial victory.

  • STATISTICS & GRAPHS - Detailed end-of-match statistics including graphs for important figures, such as income and size of armed forces.

  • CAPTURE BUILDINGS - Possibility to capture an enemy building, not just destroy it.

  • INFRASTRUCTURE - Build Roads, Bridges, Fortifications, Coastal Turrets, or dig Canals.

  • IMPROVED AI - Smarter unit micro-decisions, flowfield pathfinding, keeping optimal distance for ranged fighters, etc.

  • OBSERVER APPLICATION - Watch a live match with support for switching perspectives and more.

  • ESPIONAGE - Train Spies and assign them to sabotage-, intelligence- or counter-espionage missions.

  • OPERATIONS - Use the F5 through F8 keys to record an Operation (which is basically just a grouping of commands).

  • NEXT GEN COMMAND SYSTEM - We have plenty of ideas on how to make the command system more expressive, efficient, and lean.

  • MORE DEFEND OPTIONS - Switch between light and dense Defend directive. Zig-zag entrenchments and better chances for reinforcements to arrive in time.

  • SHALLOW WATERS - Not traversable by the Cruiser and Aircraft Carrier. Degraded stealth for Submarines.

The Future of Line War - Q4 2023+Studio Centurion is committed to the development of this game for years to come!We have a clear re-investment strategy and an ambition to fully develop and complete the game according to the original Game Design Document. Our final goal is to have an all-inclusive AA- or AAA product with single-player campaigns. At this stage, LW will already be an established player in the e-sports segment.

Ladder Game LINE , !(Android)

Ladder Climb Dash is super fun and challenging stair running game. Dash towards the finish line, build a ladder to overcome hurdles and win the stair race game. Compete with rivals to be the first to reach the end of the track in ladder climb race.Tap and hold to build ladder, climb stairs to overcome obstacles, and reach the finish line in ladder race games. Run towards the finish line in this challenging stair run ladder race game. The objective of the fun ladder race is simple: stay on the running track, build stairs, and overcome obstacles to reach the finish in stair running ladder race. Only the best runner will make it to the end and become the ultimate ladder race champion!Compete against rivals, rush on running games track and climb over obstacles to win the ladder race challenge! A challenging yet relaxing game to calm yourself and enjoy. Build the ladder and reach the finish line before time runs out in Ladder Climb Dash - Stair Running Ladder Race.Ladder Climb Dash - Stair Running Ladder Race Game Features:Build Stairs and Overcome Obstacles Win the Ladder RaceAddictive Running GameColorful GraphicsEasy To Play ControlsDownload Ladder Climb Dash - Stair Running Ladder Race now for FREE!

Please join the Discord Server to connect with other players, get technical support, and more: Discord is probably the best place for finding games now or info/chat. The BGG forums are still best for authoritative answers to rules questions and is the main resource for game questions spanning 10+ years of answers. Facebook has probably declined a bit since Discord but still has great content to browse various game-related threads.

To find games, (1) Post or accept game requests in the Facebook group (you can also post any additional questions here, this is well watched and will be answered quickly, but specific rules questions should normally be posted to the various Rules forums via the above BoardGameGeek Links to rules forums and files as these BGG forums are an important reference resource with hundreds of rules questions, clarifications and discussions), then (2) Post results onto the Online Results Forum (using results calculated from the Ladder spreadsheet, see below), then (3) the leader board maintainers will be notified of a posting and will pick up the results and update them onto the ladder leader board over the next day.

(1) Post or accept game requests: War of the Ring Online Facebook Group(2) Post results of ladder games: WotR Online Ladder 2018 Results Forum(3) War of the Ring current ladder leader board: WotR Ladder 2018 Note: 2018 tab (current leaderboard), CHECK RESULTS tab (calculate scores).

Once two players have agreed to a game, decide on whether the game will be a 'ladder' game (scores go onto the ladder ranking) or a 'friendly' game (no ladder rankings will change in a friendly game) and decide any expansions/variants to be used, such as Lords of Middle-earth with or without the Treebeard promo expansion (Warriors of Middle-earth is not available yet, but has been beta tested and may become available in future) or to use the Dwarven Rings (2nd Ed), which is mostly used only in the 3rd game of a best-of-three tournament match to determine sides (also note the older 1st Edition link Dwarven Rings (1st Ed)).

For a ladder game, one player posts the results to the Online Results Forum and the Ladder maintainers will then update these results into the Ladder (generally every day or two).Once a game is complete, results are added to the ladder as follows:

a) Calculate results: Go to the WotR Ladder (2017 Tab) to see current rankings. On the Ladder spreadsheet, go to the CHECK RESULTS tab, and then follow the instructions there to calculate results using the usernames that are listed on the main tab. Note: If you are not yet on the ladder, just ask on the Online Results Forum and your BGG username will be added to the Ladder.


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