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Buy Glass Display Case

Looking for glass display cases or showcase displays? Barr Display offers showcases and glass display cases in many colors and styles. We carry a superior selection of Display Cases, Glass Tower Cases and Sales Counters at everyday low prices! We can help you maximize your space with our retail display showcases and glass tower cases! Looking for a different store fixture or glass display case?

buy glass display case


Sea shells, old clocks, holiday mementos... Whatever you collect or like to look at, display cabinets mean you can keep your favorite things on show but away from dust and sticky fingers. And if you would like to add lighting to make your collection shine, check out our glass display cabinets.

The Laminate Display cases are great quality showcases for the retail store looking to offer great shopping experience in their store. These display cases are made using high pressure laminate (HPL) sheets and they can be customized to match any Formica or WilsonArt colors. You can customize your slatwall, wall panels and showcases with same color laminate to create unique store look. American Retail Supply offers more than 90 styles ranging in styles from jewelry display cases, half vision display cases, full vision display cases, extra vision display cases and many more. These showcases come with some great options for LED lighting or Mirror doors.

American Retail Supply offers one of the finest quality hardwood showcases for high end retail stores such as jewelry stores, golf shops, auto dealerships or gift shops. These showcases are made of carefully selected hard wood for long lasting durability, sturdiness and royal look. You can choose from more than 90 styles from wood countertop displays, wood tower display cases, antique style showcases, cash wraps, island display cases or all glass display cases. American Retail Supply uniquely offers customizing these wood showcases with different finishes. You can add LED lights to these wood showcases to highlight the merchandise in these display cases.

The Premium wood showcases are one of the best quality showcases offered in the industry for museums or collectibles stores or very high end retailers such as jewelry shops, auto dealers, golf shops or winery gift shops. These display cases are all made in USA and carefully built on make to order (MTO) basis. These high quality, long lasting, sturdy premium display cases comes in more than 150 styles ranging from standard full vision showcases to special design showcases such as curved tower display case, curved wall display case, corner display case to hexagon style wall cases, tower displays, free standing jewelry displays. These showcases include high quality lights, locks and castors to move showcases easily. You can choose from large selection of colors / finishes to create unique look for your business.

For 100 years, Ohio Stadium has been one of the most storied college football stadiums in America. This amazing Ohio State collectible contains a piece of authentic Ohio Stadium turf used from 2014 - 2021. This case measures 5" x 5" x 5", and the top is removable so you can touch and feel the stadium turf that your favorite players have played on. *Please note, due to the authenticity of this item, it is possible that sand and/or rubber pellet remnants could fall out of the turf over time. Color of turf will vary.

The Pro-Kold MCRU 100 W 98 1/2 inch wide remote, fresh meat display case is designed with an upper cooler display area for meat ready to be sold, and a lower freezer storage area for overstock. The curved front glass and LED lighting is a key feature, which gives customers a full view of all the fresh meat selections on offer.

The upper interior display level is designed with an adjustable top shelf, which can be set at the height and angle desired. Easily removable, (4) rear sliding doors are perfect for ease of loading and unloading products.

Refrigerated display cases allow you to draw attention to food products while also maintain a food safe temperature. They are perfect for bakeries, delis, and seafood counters looking to put their products close to the checkout without exposing those foods to unsafe temperature drops. Store your baked goods, fresh sushi, or deli meats in a refrigerated display case while still providing customers visual access to choose which product they would like to purchase. We offer a wide selection of refrigerated display cases to fit your daily needs. If you operate a bakery, you may choose from refrigerated bakery cases that are fully enclosed to showcase cakes and tarts or partially enclosed cases that provide a section to store chilled beverages. For a deli, we carry refrigerated deli cases that maintain the perfect temperature for meats and cheeses without drying out your product. Additionally, you can find refrigerated sushi cases to draw attention to extravagant sushi rolls to boost your sales.

Otherwise, we will send your item out the next business day., unless it is a custom made item including our glass display cases or custom wood cabinets. They will be shipped using UPS, FedEx or USPS ground service.

If ordering any glass display cases, there is typically a 7 business day turnaround before it is shipped out. These cases are made on demand, but trust us, they are worth the wait with museum-like quality.

This particular display case is one of the best memorial flag frames on the market. Crafted from solid wood and not cheap MDF materials, the glass of the veteran flag cases offers a bevel around the inner surface that combined with the decorative molding into a triangle shape gives it an upscale look. You can choose from three styles and the oak units in particular offer an exceptional finish along the cherries and the black. You can purchase the display with or without the matching pedestals and a stand can be purchased separately. This particular model has a rear and a front opening area which is hinged with a magnetic clasp that is cherry colored.

Increase product visibility and appeal in the front of house with this Avantco GD4C-15-HC white four-sided glass refrigerated display case! This spacious merchandiser is an ideal fit in bakeries, diners, and other establishments that would like to show off their desserts, drinks, and other snacks while keeping them cool. The four-sided design is immediately noticeable, the white color is sleek, and the four crystal-clear glass panes provide a clear view at all angles for customers while retaining the cool air inside.

The GD4C-15-HC comes equipped with easy-to-use digital controls, which help to ensure precise temperature control between the case's temperature range of 32 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit. The bottom-mounted compressor allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance, and since hot air rises, it draws air from the coolest part of the kitchen for better running conditions. The compressor circulates R290 refrigerant, which has an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of 0 and a global warming potential (GWP) of 3, making it an environmentally responsible choice for your business. This unit requires a 115V electrical connection for operation.

The display cases and fixtures in any retail space have one all-important goal: provide outstanding visibility to showcase the products and entice customers to make the purchase. For the products to look their best, stay protected, and be easily accessible in a beautiful display, UV bonded glass is the clear choice. The glass cabinet becomes the silent star of the show, as it offers unparalleled clarity and an uninterrupted view of the products.

A recent project in Paramus involved fabricating a sleek, attractive and modern point of sale display for a newly constructed retail space for a nationwide medical supply store. We knew that UV bonded glass offers high visibility in a showcase solution.

Careful prep work, heating, glue application, and the precise UV level comes together to create a bond between sections of glass with unparalleled strength. When our customers want to protect their high value products, UV bonded glass display cabinets are the undisputed choice.

To ensure the employees had easy access to the products displayed inside, and to make opening the case simple and convenient, we installed three sets of bi-passing sliding doors. This type of sliding doors provides security as well as quick access to the products displayed inside.

At Perfect Cases and Frames, we provide high-quality custom display frames, memorabilia display cases, and personalized photo printing with unmatched results. All of our frames and displays utilize museum-grade glass for superior clarity and protection. Preserve memories, showcase accomplishments, or keep mementos safe using our sports memorabilia framing services, diploma frames, and more.

Metal glass connectors are designed to connect 3/16" thick glass panels in a secure manner at 90 degree angle. Includes plastic screws that allow easy assembly of glass displays, using a screwdriver to tighten each connector to glass panels. Color: Chrome.

An average quality glass display case is significantly more expensive than a quality acrylic case. This is primarily due to material costs, although shipping costs can make these expenses even more significant. As well, broken glass is far more labor-intensive and expensive to repair than cracked acrylic. With that being said, beware of deeply discounted glass display cases. These cases are often made from low-quality glass. While the drawbacks of low-quality display cases are difficult to identify online, cheap glass can make the entire case quite fragile while causing visual distortion. 041b061a72


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